Why Serbia?

  • Labour costs are considerably lower than in Western Europe – overall labour costs for a graduate and skilled staff are approximately 30 per cent of Western levels;
  • An excellent skills base is reinforced by good quality universities, where many professors have considerable international experience and are highly regarded throughout the world;
  • Good communication networks within the country and externally;
  • Fluency in the English language and an educational profile considerably higher than in any other Eastern European country

Serbia is located at the heart of CEE and shares the same time zone as most West European countries (GMT+1), thus offering obvious advantages when compared to off-shore regions like India. The workforce is reliable, with a robust skills base, and a business culture stemming from strong cultural and business ties with the West. Human capital in Serbia is shaped through education system allowing development of fast learning, multi lingual and IT literate people. Compared with other Eastern European countries, both graduates and professionals in Serbia have distinct knowledge and proficiency in English language (according to Gallup poll conducted in 2003, Serbia scored first among CEE countries). Students from high schools specializing in Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology Sciences have won an impressive number of prizes at the World Science Olympics - more than 220 since 1968.

As much as 70% of employed IT staff (SIEPA survey 2008) have completed tertiary level of education. Every year, universities in Serbia yield around 16,000 graduates. From this number, almost 2,000 are highly creative and talented IT graduates. There are 17 universities in Serbia, 8 of which are state owned. Information technologies or related sciences can be studied in 4 state and 3 private universities.

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